The Ultimate Python Course: Learn Modern Python

Master Python with projects, challenges and building.!!

Django Basics Series

Learn Django With Manjunath Shenoy !!

HTML5 – From basics to Advanced level | All concepts

This course is for beginners who want to learn HTML !!

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OCI Basics and Fundamentals

Build and manage scalable and highly available infrastructure in OCI !!

Python Complete Course For Python Beginners

Python Complete Course For Python Beginners. Learn Python From Beginner To Advanced Level

Build Your Own File Sharing Website

Learn How To Create File Sharing/Hosting Website From Scratch

Olympic Games Analytics Project in Apache Spark for beginner

Olympic Games Analytics Project in Apache Spark for beginner using Databricks (Unofficial)

Free Amazon PPC Advertising Training

Learn How to Use Amazon Advertising to Launch New Products and Reduce your ACOS !!

How to Dress for a Successful Interview – MEN

Dress for success & nail your job interview with your professional image !!

Learn English Grammar Tenses and Structure From Scratch-Free

Present ( simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous ) - Past simple / A Free Course !!

How to Build a WordPress Website

A Complete, Step by Step, WordPress Tutorial for Beginners.!!


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