05 Best Android Development Courses for Beginners in 2022

05 Best Android Development Course to Get a Job

Mobile App Development is a quick growing industry, which may have an economic increase of 18.8 percent in the next ten years, supplying 135 million new project rankings by 2024. More than 80 percent of the smartphone market talk is of Android, also With the increase in the volume of Android consumers, the demand for Android Developers has also increased manifold.

If you want to be a part of this continuous technology development, then making a profession of Android developer is your ideal option.

Is not it true? It’d be amazing to construct applications that we’ve been using. What is the best method to learn Android? I believe that the ideal approach to learn not just Android but any skill requires three matters commitment, quality learning, and consistent understanding.

What exactly would be the best best android development course when a person has no previous expertise in Android programming? Finding a new operating system seems frightening but Android isn’t a challenging technology to learn . Or can it be? Let us find out the best courses.

Choosing the Best Android Development Course –  Top 05 Best Courses According to Expert Reviews

1. The Complete Android N Developer Course from Udemy- The Best Omit 

best android development course online

About This Course :-

If a Programming is a completely new field for you then this course is for you. The objective of this course is to help students begin as an Android developer with no programming background. After successfully finishing the course, you’ll have enough expertise to come up with a Android APP of your personal and will acquire Google certificate. You’ll begin with downloading Android Studio and constructing an easy-peasy Money Converter program.

You will learn how to make operational apps like Whatsapp, Uber, and Instagram. From the conclusion of the course, you’ll learn about creating apps and advertising ideas to create huge earnings.The course can assist you in studying Java and Android studio, clone programs using Parse host, submitting programs to Google Play, Android N, advertising approaches also to Android wear.

You will also learn vital theories of app development, including Java programming, cartoon, error management, controlling sound and video, downloading website content, processing JSON data, and utilizing geolocation on your programs.

Pros –

  • The method of teaching is really superior!!!!
  • He teaches concept and provides hands-on learning with jobs.
  • There are a few lessons on Database connectivity, which is critical to start development of any app. 

Cons –

  • This Course does teach the way to produce the app, but it requires to upgrade to the most recent version. As it’s a course that has been created years back, a great deal of the documents are out of date, and now you need to spent a great deal of time in embracing and merging different variants together.

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2. Android App Development Specialization from Coursera

best android development course on coursera

About The Course –

This Specialization enables learners to apply core Java programming languages features & software trends needed to build viable mobile apps consisting of core Android components, as well as simple Java I / O & persistence mechanisms.

Coursera Android specialty is a five-module course monitor to find out android growth from scratch. You are going to begin from essential coffee for android development followed closely by most of android component theories and implementations tutorials. At the End of this course, you’ll get a certificate for your course and job conclusion which you are able to reveal it in interviews.

Pros –

  • This training course is based on Android, however it isn’t just about it. Within this course you’ll find a better comprehension of how multithreading, premiered into a design patterns and eventually got started with server side web development.
  • This course has projects using a transparent deadline, on a weekly basis.
  • The teachers are very active in the discussion, addressing tons of these queries. Additionally, some students were clearly innovative and aided tremendously.

Cons –

  • It’s Java-centric, so Make Certain you have a decent understanding of the language or of an identical one.

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3. Android App Development Certification Training by Edureka

best android development course on edureka

About The Course –

This training course is primarily intended for developers who wish to understand how to make mobile applications on the Android platform. You can build widgets as part of the software, Customize List perspective, Grid perspective, Spinners etc., create programs using sound, video, and sqlite database, and finally publish them on Google Play.

This course will teaches you from scratch about the development of mobile apps and to unlock new job opportunities in start-ups, in addition to large companies.

In this Course you will learn Creation of master Android software, figure out how to install Android Studio, understand the Android architecture in detail and Find out how to integrate the mobile apps using Facebook, Twitter and other social media, Google Drive, Google Maps, SQLite, and how to create and optimize user experience of the app.

Pros –

  • This Course begins in the fundamentals of app growth such as designs, grids, tasks, event handlers and goes on to incorporate much-advanced topics like JSON and SOAP services
  • They don’t restrict to the simple design of a program but also teach you how you can incorporate social media API’s to your current program.This training course is currently Google licensed which in itself is very valuable.
  • This programme also teaches you to create an entirely functional program and to set up it.

Cons –

  • The instructor goes into a lot of depth over some easy things such as how to copy documents that I think is not the purpose of the Program

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4. Developing Android Apps Fundamentals Course by Udacity

best android development course on udacity

About This Course – 

Within this course, you are going to work with teachers step-by-step to construct a cloud-connected Android app, and learn best practices of app growth, and Android advancement particularly.It covers both theoretical and technical facets of android programming.

By way of instance, you will begin with creating and cloud-connected android application suing Android studio IDE. In addition, you will learn all of the best methods of mobile app development. Essential concepts like designs, APIs, UI components, intents, content suppliers, background suppliers, etc are all covered in this course.

Pros –

  • The majority of the concepts were explained quite detailed.
  • If you continue on motivating to perform the lessons and notably during the last job, it’s likely to pay off. 
  • Aside from the valuable programming knowledge, you get to learn a great deal of fascinating people from the neighborhood all around the world. 

Cons –

  • Some videos on SQL and AB Testing course were clarified in an issue of reality disposition so sometime you’ve got to rely on forums for help to comprehend exactly what was happening

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5. Kotlin Android Development Masterclass by Eduonix

best Kotlin Android Development app

About This Course –

This training course is designed especially for those that have ZERO prior knowledge in programming and have not programmed one thing before.This will teach you all you want to learn about programming and developing in only 5 weeks. All you will need is loads of fire, a sign of devotion, an internet connection and a notebook or PC. It is that simple!!

You are going to learn a number of the essential principles behind Android structure, as well as the procedures involved with creating Android programs, comfortable with Android development applications and user interface layout.

Pros –

  • The program is organised in this way that beginners and advanced programmers may benefit hugely from focusing on 7 projects!
  • You may learn end to finish android development from an expert who has real-world knowledge in creating android applications.
  • Cost – You can Find that 17+ Hours of course with certificate of completion in only $5

Cons –

  • Covers a few stuff which are a little too simple, but which also cover very deeply. Would prefer if the starting section had gone so far a little quicker but overall good course.

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The Best Android Development Course for Beginners  – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn Android without knowing Java?

you can theoretically learn native Android programs without understanding some Java in all

Is Android app development easy?

Yes, compared to other small desktop or web programming projects, it isn’t so hard to understand. If you have previous programming experience than Android dev it’s going to be very easy to pick up, particularly if you’re familiar with Java.

How many days will it take to learn Android?

It is dependent upon your current coding skills. If you already understand JAVA, that’s the fundamental requirement for Android App advancement, you may take much less time.It really depends upon how committed you’re with creating apps and your curiosity towards programming. Once you get more experience with android programming, then I think you can get it done in under two weeks.


We’ve listed out the best android development course that might help you learn application development from scratch.

Also for most of the courses, free download is available for offline viewing. So you don’t have to connect to internet all the time. You can learn from anywhere. It’s possible to learn from anyplace.

If you believe any other source that’s actually useful, please tell us in the comment section.



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