50 Ways to Leave Depression & Find Happiness


  • The willingness to change, and the hope for a brighter future.


Overcome depression, Conquer your anxietyStop negative thoughts, Get out of bed, and Find your life’s purpose!

C.M. Fraser leaves no stone unturned in the quest for a straightforward depression cure. 50 Ways to Leave Depression presents a magic blend of the Latest Science, Ancient Wisdom, CBT, Mindfulness & Inspiring Art to rewire your brain for true happiness.

In this course you’ll discover how small incremental changes to your way of thinking, your body, your environment, and your actions can completely transform your life. By the end you’ll know the answers to the following secrets to managing depression, and many more:

  • Where is your second brain and why does it matter?
  • Which of 19 thought distortions are fooling you daily?
  • How can you buy happiness?
  • What is social jetlag and how can it completely disrupt your life?
  • What is special about the color green and how can it help you beat depression?
  • Why are the large muscles of your legs so important?
  • What advice do all religions share on happiness?
  • Why should you replace expectations with hope?
  • What do we have totally wrong about stress relief?
  • How can gatekeeping stop you from overthinking?
  • Why are mornings so crucially important to beating depression?
  • What breakthrough brain secrets were discovered in our poop?
  • How can decluttering make you happy when you’re depressed?
  • What is rocking meditation and how can it provide stress relief?
  • How can journaling therapy help you live a happy life?
  • What is Lagom and Ikigai and how can they transform your life?

The course instructor was able to beat depression, anxiety, and panic attacks firsthand. Consequently, the course tone strikes a delicate balance between compassion and brutal honesty. 50 Ways to Leave Depression skips the counselling psychobabble and presents an easy-to-understand course with bite-sized sections. It is a surprisingly ‘non-depressing’, and packed full of calming illustrations and playful animations.

If you can practice even a handful of the tips in this happiness course you’ll be well on your way to living depression free, and ready to help others!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone suffering from depression or anxiety.
  • Anyone looking to live a happier life.
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