7 Microsoft Word & Excel 2016/365 Productivity Tips


  • Microsoft Excel 2016 or 365 desktop version for Windows


Donna believes the very technology that was supposed to make our life easier has created another layer of work which takes us away from things that we want in our lives such as more time with family, time to focus on a new project or simply reducing stress levels and risk of errors.

With over 20 years of Adult Learning & Development experience, in this short course Donna covers seven productivity tips that you must know about Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel to immediately increase your productivity and reduce risk.

This sample program covers a range of key tools and features in Microsoft Excel & Microsoft Word that are some of the most common challenges and frustrations participants in her face-to-face workshops, one on once coaching sessions or online programs Donna has been asked in her twenty-five years as a professional educator. One tip alone could save you hours of stress and frustration and will enable you to immediate increase your productivity and efficiency with Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel 2016/365.

This short program also provides context for how and where in the “real world” participants might utilise these skills.

Whilst this program is shared in the Microsoft Office 2016/365 these tips also work in previous versions of Microsoft Word & Excel.

Who this course is for:

  • Users of Microsoft Excel wanting to immediately increase their everyday productivity and reduce stress.
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