7 Popular Trading Indicators


  • basic knowledge of trading is need. My recommendation is to see Forex Trading Essential by me before this course.
  • however, even the beginners can use this course from very first days of trading.


There has always been a controversy among trades whether to use indicators in trading or not. Some traders think they really work, and they mostly use them to take profit. When you see their history in trading platforms, you see that they really made it using indicators. In this course I have taught 7 most popular indicators simply and without any complexities that even the beginners can use and can understand the concepts of indicators in their trading.

Indicators are mostly used to make the traders quite sure about their decision for short or long positions. So, after getting trained by the course you have the opportunity to have a better situation or possibility beside the knowledge of trend, candlestick, support, resistance and etc.

7 indicators in this course which are taught are :Volume, On-Balance Volume, Moving Average, RSI, Stochastic Oscillator, MACD, Bollinger Band.

After watching the course you should Back Test  the indicators to choose your own Strategy. Then, you could decide whether to use just one of them or combination of some in your trading.

I hope you enjoy this course and take a lot of profit in your trading. Please do not forget to share your honest and fair review after getting trained.

Who this course is for:

  • Traders who would like like to use indicators and take profit as well as beginners in stock market ,forex market, and crypto currency traders.
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