7 Secrets to Come Up with MillionDollar NFT Ideas Urdu/Hindi


  • Desire to Learn Secrets Behind Million Dollar NFTs
  • Willing to Think Out of the Box
  • Any Internet Connected Device


Learn to come up with millions generating NFT(Non-Fungible Token) ideas from a creative thinking expert who has many years of experience to generate creative ideas which actually solve problems in real life and add value.

If you ever wonder about coming up with NFT ideas which actually sell for money and generate profits or your NFT ideas don’t attract people to buy them, then this course is an asset for you.

This course” 7 Secrets to come up with Million Dollar NFT Ideas in Urdu/Hindi” has been divided into three sections:

Section number one explains what is an NFT and its attributes with examples of millions making NFTs. Attributes are the main thing which make your NFT idea a win or fail.  In this section we have selected 7 highly sold NFTs which have been sold for millions of dollars. Highest paid NFT, The Merge, is also selected for postmortem which was sold for 91.18 millions USD.

In section number two a postmortem of the selected 7 NFTs will be performed, one by one, to extract secrets of millions dollar making NFT Ideas.

Section number three consists of conclusion summary of the course and some assignments are designed to make you practice the NFT idea generation secrets.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Who wants to Create His Own Original NFTs Which Actually Sell
  • NFT Artist Who Face Difficulty to Come Up With NFT Ideas Which Actually Can Earn Money
  • Anyone Who Wants to Learn More Secrets of NFTs
  • Anyone Who Wants to Break his Psychological Inertia While Coming Up with Fresh NFT Ideas
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