A practical guide to build a strong connection with kids

  • You must take action on what you are going to learn!

Hi, here’s who I am and what I do ?

my name is Zeinab Essam I’m a mother , teacher and Parenting Coach.

I have certified as a  positive discipline parent educator (CPDPE) ,  certified positive discipline classroom educator (CPDCE) and certified positive discipline early childhood educator (CPDECE) from Positive Discipline Association in United States.

I help Mothers and teachers to master connection with their kids so they can have a peaceful life .

  • Have you ever correct a mistake to your kid and said to you I hate you ?
    • Do you feel that you have a week connection with your kids ?
    • Have you asked a task from your kids and the answer was NO .

I ‘m a teacher and mother I thought that I have to be always firm so my kids listen to me BUT that didn’t work with me at all.
Then I found a magical solutions  when learnt how to connect first with my kids.
my life now is so peaceful with my kids and students.

I’ll share with you a practical guide  in this course to have a peaceful life like me.

In this course I will share with you :

  • How to build a strong unbreakable connection with your kids .
  • What kids really need from us ?
  • The importance of building a strong connection with kids
  • tools to build strong connection with your kids
  • how to connect before correct kids mistakes
  • how to win kids cooperation
  • the parenting behaviors you have to avoid .
Who this course is for:
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Care givers
  • Early childhood educators
  • New moms
  • anyone want to build a strong connection with kids
  • single parents
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