Advance Bug Bounty Hunting & Penetration Testing Course 2021


  • Basic Level Networking Knowledge
  • Basic Linux Knowledge
  • Basic Virtualization Knowledge


​Advance Ethical Hacking, Bug Bounty Hunting & Penetration Testing Course 2021


Learn Advance skills for finding bugs in websites, penetration testing on Windows and Linux machine. Setting up free Labs on Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) Instance. At the end of this course you will get links to download tools which we have used while making this course. You will learn below skills from this course.

  • Setup and Install Kali Linux VM on VMWare Workstation.
  • Setup your first Amazon EC2 Instance (Elastic Compute Cloud).
  • Basic Linux Networking, Files & Folders and Extra Commands.
  • Learn to Setup and Use Burpsuite.
  • Hunt Host Header Attack Bugs.
  • Create Custom Wordlists, Bruteforce Username and Password, Bypass Anti CSRF Protection.
  • Automation using burpsuite to find Sensitive/Critical Files.
  • Use Google Dork to find Sensitive Files.
  • Find your first XSS Bug (Cross Site Scripting) both manual and automation methods.
  • Exploiting XSS (Cross Site Scripting) using Beef Framework and Injecting Malicious Commands.
  • Basic and Advance SQL Injection Attacks.
  • Command Injection Attacks.
  • Finding File Upload Vulnerabilities.
  • Local File Inclusion (LFI) and Remote File Inclusion (RFI) Vulnerabilities.
  • Detailed Guide to Find Bug Bounty Programs and How to Submit your first Bug.
  • Recent Proof of Concept (POC) videos of live Websites.
  • Introduction to HacktheBox and Steps to Register your account on HacktheBox.
  • Penetration Testing: Capturing User & Root flag on HacktheBox for both Windows and Linux Machines.
  • Download link for Free Tools which are used in this Course.

Disclaimer : All video’s and tutorials are for informational and educational purposes only. We believe that ethical hacking, information security and cyber security should be familiar subjects to anyone using digital information and computers.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner in Ethical Hacking.
  • Beginner in Bug Bounty Hunting.
  • Beginner in Penetration Testing.
  • Ethical Hackers.
  • Security Researchers.
  • Penetration Testers.
  • Bug Bounty Hunters.
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