Advanced English pronunciation: speak like natives fast



Everyday I face many English learners who have a good command in grammar and vocabulary of this language, yet they have difficulty understanding native speakers and more importantly, they are not able to speak clearly and with confidence.

[ Sounds familiar? ]

In this course I aim to help students with an area of English which is often neglected – pronunciation and intonation.

Now what makes this course unique and special?

This course is made up of 15 different sections and in each part we go through the most important aspects of pronunciation.

Syllables, word stress, rhythm, sentence stress, linking, intonation and reductions are only some important sections of my pronunciation course.

British or American accents are not of general concern in this course. Because the rules of pronunciation in these two accents are not different.

There are limited resources regarding this aspect of English learning and if you have always wanted to fit in a community of native speakers, you are in the right place.

This course includes:

  • lectures for every section of the course
  • PDF files for each sound

‘But why teach pronunciation anyway?

There are two main reasons for teaching pronunciation:

You need to understand and be understood.

If you cannot understand English well, you are cut off from the conversation with native speakers.

Now if you’re ready, it’s time to start this short journey together and build your pronunciation and intonation skills.

As a person who needs to work, study or live in an international enviroment, you should learn to speak English like a native and in this course I’m going to teach you how to speak English fluently like a native speaker.

To achieve this target, students must learn english pronunciation through the lessons and videos.

In this course you need to listen to me and go through the English pronunciation practice sentences. Repetition is the key.

Only in this way learners can learn how to speak fluent English without hesitation maybe in 10 days or a bit more and more importantly you can improve your English speaking skills quickly at home.

Although this course is not about learning English speaking, you will learn how to speak clearly without mumbling and speak confidently.

That’s why I recommend this advanced English speaking course to every English learner out there.

IELTS and pronunciation

As you are probably aware, pronunciation and speaking clearly are two key factors of achieving a good mark in IELTS speaking section.

I can’t say this product is an IELTS speaking pronunciation course but after finishing the 15 sections together you can definitly understand how to improve pronunciation for IELTS.

Different sections and parts of my course are consisted of IELTS pronunciation exercises and practice.

Pronunciation of English words not only helps you to speak fluently and clearly, but also you can improve your listening comprehension skills through this course.

Every English conversation is mainly composed of 2 parts: speaking and listening.

We will have the pronunciation of english words pratice and learn more about the pronunciation rules of British English.

Learn English intonation

Native speakers mostly use falling intonation and rise-fall intonation in English language.

In this course we will have many examples of intonation and stress. There are some unique parts with intonation examples that you cannot find anywhere easily.

Who this course is for:
  • people who are eager to improve their English pronunciation
  • people who want to boost their confidence by native-like accent and intonation
  • non-native English speakers who want to prepare for job interviews

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