AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare


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Evaluation of AI solutions in Healthcare.

To evaluate an AI solution beyond its predictive value, we need a framework that provides criteria to evaluate the utility, feasibility, and clinical impact of an AI solution.

Machine learning is a family of statistical and mathematical modelling techniques that uses a variety of approaches to automatically learn and improve the prediction of a target objective without explicit programming. These are the systems that improve their performance in a given task through exposure to experience or data.

Different neurotransmitters have different effects on the postsynaptic cell. There’s a great number of categories of neurotransmitters. Some fall in the category of amino acids, like glutamate, aspartate, glycine and D-serine. Some of them are peptides, like somatostatin, vasopressin, oxytocin, and opioid peptides. And there are other categories, that includes serotonin or epinephrine, histamine, melatonin and others. In fact, overall there are over 50 neurotransmitters that have been identified, each having slightly different neurochemistry and each having slightly different functions

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