All About International Letter of Credit & UCP 500/600


  • There are no course pre requisite to this course
  • Little knowledge of typical export process is desirable


‘International Letter of Credit and UCP | Advanced Certification course’ is a VJ Exports Mastery Series Course.

Friends, had you been looking to master the art of getting international payments through a documentary international letter of credit?

Do you want to ensure that you do not make mistakes in accepting an overseas Letter of Credit?

Do you want to know all about UCP 500/600, ISBP, and different methods of documentary credit and when to use these instruments?

This international Letter of Credit and UCP course is the perfect course for you. And, International L/C and UCP course, provides a complete understanding of the international trade financing instruments especially focusing on Documentary International Letter of Credit.

This letter of credit and UCP learning course is a step-by-step guide to make you master the art of handling documentary letters of credit which are issued by banks from around the world. Friends, a career in the documentary letter of credit handling is a high-paying job whether you are working for global companies, international banks, or export houses. Needless to say, half knowledge is recipe for disaster sooner or later. Therefore, do not leave any stone unturned in your complete understanding of LCs, UCP 500/600, ISP98, ISBP 2007.


This course on the international letter of credit covers topics like

  • Different methods of receiving international payments in exports.
  • Role of international banks in international trade financing and documentary credit.
  • Typical exports and documentary credit cycle.
  • Types of International Letter of credit
  • International Letter of Credit Opening Instructions
  • All precautions are to be taken by the beneficiary before accepting the letter of credit.
  • Common discrepancies in LC documentation presentations.
  • Role of UCP 500/600
  • Role of ISBP 2007
  • SWIFT transactions
  • International Letter of Credit Frauds and prevention
  • Overview on UCP 600 compared with UCP 500
  • Common provision of UCP 600
  • New additions to UCP 600
  • The emerging role of revolutionary Blockchain-based L/Cs
  • Real-life examples of Blockchain-based L/Cs
  • All about INCOTERMS®2020

What can you expect the outcome of learning this course?

After completing this course on the international letter of credit and UCP, you will have thorough knowledge about Documentary International Letter of Credit, its background, nature, and types. Subsequently, you will be able to work with top international companies in their commercial department getting good salaries. Alternatively, you can also start your exports or imports business by receiving or sending international payments for goods/services sold or bought. And friends, this course is the only one of its kind on UDEMY. Because, this course is based on the years of experience and research work carried out by Dr. Vijesh Jain, the author, and instructor of this course.

Course-related keywords

  • Advanced Credit
  • Commercial Credit Analysis
  • Bank Credit
  • Certified documentary credit specialists
  • Credit approval
  • Export Credit
  • Import documentary credit
  • International Trade Finance
  • Blockchain for banks
  • Corporate credit anaalysis
  • Import bills under LC
  • Leverage credit
  • documentary credit risk
  • credit risk
  • banking credit analysis
  • import-export business
  • LC in shipping
  • CDCS
  • Credit risk analysis
  • Build business credit
  • Credit risk assessement
  • Business credit
  • credit agreement
  • payment bank
  • LC types
  • letter of credit meaning
  • credit letter meaning
  • LC meaning
  • what is a letter of credit
  • letter of credit examples
  • bank guarantee
  • International banking
  • International freight forwarding
  • International relations
  • Credit analyst
  • Credit risk modeling
  • Credit underwriter
  • Exports finance
  • Credit appraisal process

About the instructor

Dr. Vijesh Jain, the instructor of this course on the documentary letter of credit, is a seasoned professional in all the areas related to global business, exports, imports, international logistics, and supply chain. He has served with several international organizations working in several countries and dealt with more than 28 countries for exports operations. He is an IIFT, BITS, BIMTECH, and Harvard University Alumnus. I addition, he has a Ph.D. in international business from the University of Mysore. An award-winning professor and exports professional, he has been actively working to share his knowledge of more than 30 years in international business management. For this, he regularly creates the VJ Exports Mastery Series of Course on UDEMY.

Who this course is for:

  • Any one looking for high paying salaries in the LC departments of MNCs, Banks
  • Anyone looking for career in managing digital letter of credits working from home
  • Exporters and importers who want to refresh and update their complete knowledge about LCs
  • Students looking for career in global business
  • Entrepreneurs with global ambitions
  • New startups in the area of blockchain based international trade soltions
  • FX dealers
  • International banks professionals or bank job seekers
  • Working professionals in international trading companies
  • Senior managers managing global operations
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