Amazon Offers a Free Online Summer School to Learn Machine Learning from Scientists

About the Course

Amazon ML Summer School India is an exclusive for students in India, who want to learn about machine learning. The program will include technical sessions on various aspects of machine learning, including predictive modelling, deep learning, and reinforcement learning.

There will also be sessions on how to practically apply machine learning to real-world problems. The program will culminate in a hackathon, where participants will compete to build the best machine learning models.

The Amazon ML Summer School is a free, online event that will teach you how to use Amazon Machine Learning to build smart applications that can see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret your customer needs.

The Amazon ML Summer School is designed for developers, data scientists, and students who want to learn about machine learning.

During the Amazon ML Summer School, you will learn how to:

– Use Amazon ML to build smart applications

– Choose the right Amazon ML algorithm for your data

– Train and tune your Amazon ML models

– Evaluate your Amazon ML models

– Deploy your Amazon ML models

The Amazon ML Summer School is free and open to all.

If you’re interested in learning more about machine learning, this summer school is a great opportunity to do so.

What you will Learn

– Introduction to Machine Learning
– Supervised Learning
– Unsupervised Learning
– Neural Networks
– Deep Learning
– Reinforcement Learning
– Natural Language Processing
– Computer Vision

Who can Participate :

The Amazon India Machine Learning Summer School (AIMLSS) is open to students in their fourth year of college and above who are passionate about machine learning and would like to learn more about the field.

How to Apply :

The summer school will be conducted from2 to 24 July 2022, and those who wish to register will have to enroll on the official website before 18 June 2022. The program is free, and there is no nee to pay any fee to attend the program.

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