Android App Development Course – 2021


  • As this Course is for everyone who are from technical/non-technical background. Anyone can learn and start building their own android application without any prerequisites.


Android App Development Course – 2021 (Learn without Coding)


Welcome to the easiest and most advanced Android Application Development Course on Udemy. In this course, I have covered each and every topic from setting up your Device to Releasing your first application on Google Play Console. One of the biggest benefits of the course is that if you are from a technical/non-technical background & having no experience in coding or application development. Still, you can start building your own android applications by enrolling in this course.

Learn to Develop your own Android Games and Integrate Google Admob with it to start earning from Google.

Soon As per the questions from our students, I will upload common asked question’s troubleshooting videos to this course. Content will be updated on regular basis.


What you will learn in this Course?

  • Develop Android Application using Android Studio
  • Generating Android App Screenshots for Mobile, 7-inch Tablet, 10-inch Table
  • Generating Application Featured Graphics
  • Build Your Own Android Games
  • Build Your Own Android E-Commerce Customer Application
  • User Registration OTP Validation
  • Setup E-Commerce Application Web Admin Panel
  • Build Delivery Boy Android Application
  • Build Your Own Utility Applications
  • Learn to Release Android Application on Google Play Console
  • Setup Google Play Console Account
  • Setup Google Firebase Account
  • Setup Google AdMob Account
  • Learn to Setup Android Studio
  • Start Android Development Career/Business with 0 Coding Knowledge
  • Connect your android device via USB to Test the Applications without an emulator
  • Learn to Change Target SDK Version.
  • Learn to Setup FTP and Database account on your Web hosting Panel

Note: Sites which are displayed in this course are only for educational purpose. I will be not responsible if you are downloading any source code from any unauthenticated site.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner in Android Development
  • Who Wants to Earn From Adbmob Ads
  • Who Wants to Start Own E-Commerce Application
  • Who Wants to Build Own Android Games
  • Who Wants to Build Own Utility Tools Android Application
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