Angular Crash Course for beginners

Table of Contents


  • Basic understanding of Typescript is great, but not necessary
  • Should know HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Angular is one of the 2 most popular front end web frameworks out there. Developed by Google, knowledge in this framework is granted to land you great jobs and freelancing projects.

Some of the biggest websites out there were developed in Angular, and in this course, you’ll learn all using Angular in your projects.

What will you learn in this course:

Learn all about frameworks and how to set up the development environment needed to create your angular projects.

Then we’ll move on to installing Typescript and Angular, because you need Typescript to run Angular.

Later, we’ll play with the default output you end up with in the Angular CLI.

We’ll learn how to manipulate the output, and how to clean up the files to allow room for our project to blossom.

We’ll learn all about components and how to create and use them.

We’ll also learn about data binding/interpolation, how to use use dynamic properties, numbers, strings, arrays and objects in HTML

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