Angular: Increasing Your Productivity in Visual Studio


  • Knowledge of Visual Studio
  • Experience with C#
  • Understanding of TypeScript
  • Exposure to Angular 2+


In this video series, we will concentrate on increasing your productivity in Visual Studio. Most of these subjects are misunderstood, or not quite developed enough for a course on the Integration of the Angular and ASP.Net Core. But as a Microsoft developer, you need to know how to be the most productive using Visual Studio.

The topics, in this series, are general, and not necessarily directed to the integration of Angular. These topics will apply to any modern front-end framework when integrating with ASP.Net Core. It is important enough, and can save you time, so let’s get started uncovering these time savings features of Visual Studio and ASP.Net Core.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to be more productive integrating Angular with ASP-Net Core
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