Animate Like A Pro: Get the Animation course for Moho Studio



  • the requirement for this course is a good computer eg. core i3 and above and an interest to learn and readiness to practice

This course is designed for potential animation students and student already into animation who want to gain and improve on their knowledge and also provide the service of animation to all. what I teach here will get you up and runningĀ  as you will familiarise your self with moho studio and its tools, when you finish the course, you will be equipped with special skills in cartooning andĀ  face character animation

I have added some amazing course resources which I took my time to create for you to get you started quickly and these are things you can use over and over again with full rights as long as you learn, finish the course and practice.

you will be equipped with skills such as

character creation and cartooning,

animation and animation short cuts for fast animation

character boning


backgrounds creation and concepts


ideas that sell etc.

You would agree that as content creators the tools we are given is not enough but the road map and our creativity in using these tools is what matters most which will make you stand out from the noisy crowd which is why so much time was put into this course to give you that edge. I invite you to come in and learn

I cant wait to see you inside, Thank you for joining in

Who this course is for:
  • animation students, music artists, beginners in moho studio, content creators in general.


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