Artificial & Machine Learning for AnyBody, Everybody and All


  • A computer
  • Internet
  • A google account(optional)


This course model will teach you how to teach, train and create Machine Learning models faster, easier without writing a single line of code. Just come as you are and leave with some understanding of Machine Learning. No prior knowledge is required. Even little children can teach and train a Machine Learning model.

There are  interesting links to help us understand how AI & ML is/are changing society, the pros and cons and so much more.

The actually code runs behind the scene and can be copied  as a Tensorflow.Js format to be used in apps and websites.

We will learn to host our model for free.

Wouldn’t you love to join the AI train(choo choo).

Create a Rule based ChatBot(Bonus) in python

This course gets you started in AI & ML

*This was created as notes for me  and my students at home as a guide to understanding the future of AI and it’s operations.

Who this course is for:

  • Educators, Hobbyist, Teachers, Machine Learning and AI enthusiasts,
  • Artsist, Makers
  • STEAM Educators
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