Automotive/Automobile Engineering; Onboard Diagnostics(OBD)

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  • Basic mechanical Engineering & IC engines background, Automotive/Automobile Engineering enthusiasts


In the modern cars & vehicles, onboard diagnostics (OBD) have become as important and compulsory as the Automotive electronics. OBD has become a necessity to ensure even older vehicles are meeting the emission legislations. Learning about onboard diagnostics is very important in this twenty first century. The course elaborately addresses the below mentioned topics. Also the other courses authored by the same author also is added in the last video. The course also explains how any end user with the help of onboard diagnostic apps can easily figure out the various DTCs. Onboard diagnostics is a imperative part of the Automotive engineering

  • Automotive Engineering; On board Diagnostics .
  • Origin of Onboard diagnostics & brief history of onboard diagnostics
  • Why Onboard Diagnostics and the necessity of OBD in Automotive Engineering
  • Benefits & advantages of Onboard diagnostics in Automotive Engineering
  • Explaination of Diagnostic trouble code & Various acronyms
  • Types of fault codes and explainations
  • Manufacturer specific codes in  Automotive Engineering
  • Features and technology of OBD systems in  Automotive Engineering
  • Types of monitoring in OBDII(Similar to EOBD, JOBD)- Onboard diagnostics in various countries in  Automotive Engineering
  • Onboard Diagnostics -Apps; Various APPS available in market in  Automotive Engineering
  • Diagnosing Engine equipment & Equipment needed
  • Diagnosing ignition systems & Equipment needed
  • Diagnostics-Spark Plug& Equipment needed
  • Diagnostics-Emissions & Equipment needed
  • Diagnostics-Fuel injection & Equipment needed
  • Diagnostics -cooling & Equipment needed
  • Diagnostics –lubrication& Equipment needed
  • Diagnosing Battery faults &  Equipment needed
  • Onboard diagnostics setup

Who this course is for:

  • Mechanical & Automobile Engineering students, ITI mechanical students

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