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Azure Data Engineer is the most lucrative job profile and those who possess the skill sets require to become Azure Data Engineer are always in great demand and easily can get a 6 figure salary in USD as per the market trend.

But, it can be overwhelming for a beginner to start his/her journey to become a Azure Data Engineer since there are so many different technologies and services offered by Azure.

Hence below I have provided step by step guide of the skill sets require to start your Data Engineer journey and then progress gradually to become an Intermediate level or Expert  Azure Data Engineer.

Beginner -> Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, Power BI

Intermediate -> Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Analysis Services

Expert -> Azure Databricks, Azure Stream Analytics

In this course, I am going to continously add all of the above mentioned Azure Services so that you can become an Expert Azure Data Engineer.


Following are the topics currently this course covers:

1. Basics of Cloud Computing

2. Azure SQL Database

3. Azure Data Lake Storage

4. Azure Data Factory V2

5. Implementing Real World Use Cases

6. Power BI

Also, all the topics in this course are explained using practical examples and lab sessions which makes it easy to understand and also practice at home for students.

I have also added a section containing “REAL WORLD USE CASES” where some common and important scenarios which you would come across in real life when you work as a Azure Data Engineer in an organization.  Do not miss this section as its very important and will also help you in the interview.

All the Best and Happy Learning !!

Who this course is for:
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