Azure Data Factory – Data Engineer : Real Time Projects


  • Basic concepts about cloud computing will be useful, but not mandatory.
  • An Azure Account is required, If not, we will create a free account in the course.


Welcome┬áto the Course “Azure Data Factory – Data Engineer : Real Time Projects”.

Azure Data Factory (ADF) is one of the in-demand data engineering tool in the Cloud. This course has been taught with covering a data engineering solutions using ADF for real world scenarios.

Once you complete this course including assignments, quizzes, you will be in a position to take up or handle confidently any kind of projects one equal to 10+ years of experience.

Entire course built based on real time scenarios which are going to use very frequently and common to any type of projects on various domains.

This course will gives you necessary skills and help you greatly to pass for Certification exams like DP200 and DP203.

What this course will teach you?

  • You will learn how to build a real time data pipeline in Azure Data Factory (ADF).
  • You will learn how to transform data using Data Flows in Azure Data Factory (ADF) and load into ADLS2, Blob storage.
  • You will learn how to ingest JSON data from SQL Server to API end point.
  • You will learn how to build production ready pipelines and good practices and naming standards.
  • You will learn how to monitor pipelines using Azure Data Factory (ADF), Azure Monitor and Log Analytics with a real-world project.
  • You will learn about manual/Triggers in Azure Data Factory (ADF) and how to use them to schedule the data pipelines.
  • Create Data driven, fully integrated, dynamic and automated production grade pipeline creation and orchestration.
  • Data Warehousing Concepts like Fact & dimension tables, SCD type1, type2, Incremental loading and implement using ADF.
  • Connect & copy data from On Premise data stores, On premise SQL server via Self Hosted Integration Runtime to cloud.
  • How to ingest data from sources such as REST API, Azure Blob Storage, SQL DB into Azure Data Lake Gen2 using Azure Data Factory (ADF)

Who this course is for:

  • For all levels.
  • Students, Working Professionals
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