Basics of Algebra for Absolute Beginners


  • No specific requirement as this is for absolute beginners


This free course on Basic Algebra is one of the simplest you will ever find. I will explain every terminology we use in algebra. And this course is more appropriate for students who want to actually improve their understanding in the subject matter rather than only be able to solve problems. If you are too bored because you find the subject matter simple enough, kindly skip and proceed to the next section.

Please try to answer all the questions asked in the quizzes. If wrong, kindly watch over the lecture and try again until you understand the concepts completely.

We explore the relationship between algebra and geometry throughout the course. Algebra covers almost 50% syllabus for most of the competitive exams. Thus it will be extremely rewarding to having in-depth foundational knowledge in Algebra. The aim of this course is to present Algebra in the simplest way possible for those students who are very intimidated by the subject.

Some of the important concepts that we will cover in this course are:

a). What is Quadratic equation?

b).  The general form of the Quadratic equation

c). Real and complex solution of Quadratic equation

d). Deriving and applying the Quadratic formula

e). Simultaneous Equations

f). A curve and a Line

and more

This is a foundational course in Algebra so this course will be rewarding to you in the long run. Even when you are able to solve basic questions, you might have been struggling to understand why we do a certain thing and not the other. This course will answer such querries and doubts. It will supplement your knowledge and understanding in the subejct matter.

Who this course is for:

  • Algebra beginners
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