Best Udemy Courses for Data Science in 2021 (Updated)

Best Udemy Courses for Data Science

Over the years I’ve done lots of online courses on data science and there’s been an explosion of course offered on various different platforms. If you are new to data science and want to find out the best udemy courses for data science then you are at the right place. I will guide you the best way of learning plus what you need to know to become a data scientist or a data analyst.

I want to give you my opinion of the different courses out there. There’s a lot of platforms available when it comes to courses on data science. Starting from the bottom you have udemy. Udemy has thousands of courses and they have many courses on data science.

But you have to be quite careful with udemy because many courses are of very low quality. But there are one or two gems in them. If you are new to data science and haven’t decided whether you want to spend time and resources on becoming a data scientist or data analyst then you’re testing the water.

Udemy Data Science

There are a number of best udemy courses for data science that might be worthwhile for you. Check out the courses by Jose de Portillo. He made quite a few excellent Python courses and Python for data science.

You can buy these data science courses on udemy during a promotion. There are various sale are always runs throughout the year on udemy where you’ll get a course for about $10 or the equal in your own currency.

But if you want to do data science then you should be looking at different platforms than udemy. I will put udemy data science courses at the bottom of the list. There’s still some value to it moving up. It’s quite a jump up review for me because I ‘d say the quality is definitely much bigger.

In the next ones I’m going to recommend you the higher price resource. It ‘s kind of a mid-range price it’s a couple of hundred dollars a year and that’s Datacamp.

Datacamp Data Science

Datacamp has the best data science courses in the world. What I like about Datacamp is the way they teach, they’re much more focused on project style learning. If anyone who had learned data science and data analytics would tell you the best way of learning this stuff is by doing projects.

If you are learning data science from books or through online courses then you will know that you are understanding what you have learned but you’ll find it very difficult to apply it. It’s a like learning a musical instrument for eg. You want to learn guitar by watching videos but if you’ve never touched a guitar then you will find it very hard to learn it.

It’s the same with data science. You need to work on your own projects and Data Camp is very project focused. So I would definitely recommend a Data Camp.

Have a look at their data scientist with Python. It will take you through all the stuff you need to learn. There are quizzes, videos and interactive coding challenges where you go through and learn it easily.

Coursera Data Science – Best Data Science Courses online

Moving up now we have EDX and Coursera. These are two great platforms for data science. What I like about them most is they partner with very well known and respected institutions like Johns Hopkins University and University of Pennsylvania MIT Harvard. So you’re getting high quality courses.

My favorite Coursera course are the data science specialization by Johns Hopkins University. This takes you from beginner level to quite a competent intermediate level. But You need a few programming skills like Python or some other programming language. It gives you a general overview of data science. It teaches you how to program in R and how to clean and get data.

It also teaches you about exploring what models might be appropriate for your data and there’s also a section on statistics and regression in it. At the end there’s a project for you to work on as I mentioned before projects are important.

The other one I like is the applied data science with Python specialization .This is not for beginners, So it might be a good one to do after you’ve done the previous courses. It takes you a little bit further and teaches you how to do data science in Python. It teaches you data visualization, there’s a bit more on machine learning plus sort of some practical applications of text mining and social network analysis using Python.

So these are two good coursera resources for data science that I would definitely recommend.

EDX Data Science – Best Data Science Courses

edx again falls into the category of more expensive resources but they have good quality of content. They partner with MIT and Harvard and their data science courses are the best in the world. One of them is with the University of California San Diego and another one is with MIT.

Micro master’s program in data science from the San Diego University of California is good choice for those who want to learn data science. It uses Python for data science. It’ll teach you how to use Python plus probability and statistics which is essential in data science and machine learning. It also teaches you deep learning, data modeling and big Data analytics using spark.

The other course that I like is the micro master’s program in statistics and data science from MIT. It starts off by giving you an overview of probability and then digs much deeper into statistics and then it brings in the modeling using Python.

So those are my suggestions if you are looking for the best data science courses online.

I would also like to add one great website named eduonix and have a look at their Mighty Data Science Bundle. It is a lower cost platform and if you looked at their above course, you can see that they cover a lot of knowledge about data science that you would need to know to become a good data scientist and they explained it very well.

These are my best udemy courses for data science and I have also explained other resources to look out. Also check out our collection of free data science courses if you don’t have a budget.

I hope that’s been of some use to you.

If you have any questions please ask them in the comment section.

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