Best Way to Learn Java: Where to Start?

Programming and software development have become the lifeblood of the modern world. Without programmers, the most modern technology would not exist as we know it. Programmers are essential, and Java is one of the most versatile and popular programming languages ​​in the world. 

In fact, most of the apps on your smartphone (if you’re using Android) are probably built on Java. This has resulted in a huge demand for Java programmers and an increase in the number of people looking for the best way to learn Java.

Through this article, we’ll explore what Java is, how it’s used, why it’s used, and why you should learn it. We’ll look at the best java tutorial, and we’ll also cover some of the top resources that many newbies find extremely useful and find their best way to learn Java.

So, without further ado, let’s tackle the matter and find out what is the best way to start learning Java.

What is Java?

Best way to learn java
Discover the best ways to learn Java online

Java is object oriented programming and one of the most popular programming language ​​in the world. It is a low level language that can be used on a wide variety of platforms, but it has many features of high level languages. A large number of programmers use Java for all kinds of tasks, including building applications, programming background websites, and developing games.

Compared to other, Java programming languages has a range of features that set it apart, including:

  • It is an independent platform . This means that unlike most other languages, Java can be used on virtually any platform or operating system. This is one of the reasons it has become so prevalent in the programming world. It also means that the best way to learn the concepts of Java will depend on what you want to use it for.
  • It reads like English . This makes it extremely easy to follow and means it is a great language for beginners. Many other older languages ​​- such as C or Perl – have rather difficult syntax that is not very easy to follow. Java is the opposite.
  • Java is super powerful . While Java itself is fairly straightforward and easy to learn, the huge range of variables and features accessible through libraries and external programs, such as the Java APIs, make it an extremely powerful tool.

Not only is it versatile, widespread and easy to use, there are also many ways to learn to use Java. These range from online free courses and textbooks to mobile apps, but we’ll cover that later.

Likewise, while it sounds similar, don’t confuse Advanced Java with JavaScript , as it requires plugins to function, whereas JavaScript can be read by browsers without plugins.

What is Java used for?

Now that we’ve covered the importance of programming and what Java is, it’s time to take a closer look at its use cases. As stated above, Java is an extremely versatile language that is used for a lot of things. Some of these uses are widespread, while others are extremely specialized.

In fact, it was estimated that over 3 billion devices were using Java in any form at the end of 2017. Almost all major companies are using it in one way or another, resulting in demand. huge amount of developers. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the main objects Java is used for:

  1. Web development

Java is one of the languages ​​of choice for back-end web developers looking to build new web applications. It is flexible and allows them to create applications that are scalable and easy to manage. If you don’t know what web apps are, don’t worry, this is a whole different talking point.

  1. Android apps creation

Even though a few other languages ​​are starting to be used Android application development teams, Java has always ruled and still does. In the past, Android app development was almost exclusively Java, which means there is a huge demand for developers in this area.

  1. Scientific applications

Java is also used by scientists to create data analysis programs and applications. While this isn’t as popular as Python, it’s worth noting.

  1. Trading robot

If you’ve ever tried to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, or forex trading, you might have heard of bot trading. These are automated programs that trade for you at high frequencies, allowing you to generate some pretty decent profit over time – when properly constructed. Many of the best trading bots are built on Java.

As you can see, Java has many use cases. The few examples described above are just the start. Programmers around the world are doing hundreds of different things with Java.

Now, let’s see why you should think about learning Java and what is the best way to learn how to use Java.

Is it easy to learn Java?

We have defined Java as: (1) an extremely versatile language with a large number of use cases; (2) a low level language with high level characteristics, which means that it is both easy to use and extremely powerful; and (3) a platform independent language, which means it can be used on virtually any platform or operating system.

If that doesn’t already give you a lot of reasons to learn Java, consider the following:

  • Learning Java will make you more employable. Even if you don’t work in a field where programming and computer science are highly relevant, a working knowledge of a language like Java can open up a world of possibilities for you.
  • You will have better job security. The demand for Java developers and programmers is huge. If you can learn the language and learn to use it effectively on your own, you will find that you will have no trouble finding work in the future.
  • It’s easy to learn. There are many, many ways to learn Java. It is a popular language with a huge online community. You will find all the resources you need, as well as the support and coaching of more experienced coders, if you want. 

Although some people argue about the best way to learn to use Java, this really isn’t the case – everyone is different, and the best way for one person won’t necessarily be the best for another. .

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the contenders for the best way to learn Java.

How to Learn Java with no Programming Experience?

Java, like all popular and widely used programming languages, can be learned in many ways. Some people choose to learn the traditional way – through a college course in computer science or something similar – but more and more people are learning to program through less conventional methods such as mobile apps or online courses.

Again, it’s important to note that there isn’t a better way to learn Java. As long as your method teaches accurate information and includes the following in one form or another, it should work:

Learn terminology

The first step in learning a language is learning the terminology and its association. Lucky for you, Java is a fairly straightforward language with a basic syntax that is easy to learn. This means that there are many ways to learn Java terminology, including:

  • From a manual . Make sure you have an up-to-date book outlining the most recent best practices, otherwise you could end up writing bad code that doesn’t perform as well as it could.
  • Via an interactive online course  . Most online courses teach the basics of your chosen programming language, while allowing you to practice writing java code at the same time.
  • Use a mobile game . Arguably the best way to learn Java terminology is to use a mobile game. There are many different apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets designed for teaching Java. Download one and play it on the way to work, when you are in bed at night or even when you are sitting on the toilet!

Once you’ve learned the terminology, it’s time to practice. That’s right, you must:

Practice writing simple code

If you really want to be successful as a Java programmer, you need to practice. Imagine someone telling you that you can learn a foreign language and be able to speak it fluently just by taking an online course and learning the most common words. You would tell them they were stupid.

The same concept applies to programming languages. While they are probably not as difficult to master as the languages ​​spoken, practice is absolutely critical to success. There are several ways to practice writing code. One of the best ways to learn Java is to download a code editor on your phone or laptop and start writing basic programs.

Join a forum or online community so you can share your code and ask people to review it. You will be amazed at the number of learners available who are willing to give you their opinion. Once you’ve received feedback, keep working on and improving your code.

3.Keep practicing

Now that you understand the importance of practicing Java, it’s time to take the next step: more practice!

That’s right, learning a programming language like Java takes a lot of practice. In fact, you will continue to practice your Java skills as long as you use the language. When you get a job and start writing your own working Java applications or programs, you will still be practicing. Make sure that you are always looking to learn new skills and techniques. As you get better, try to create more and more complicated programs.

Is it worth learning Java in 2021?

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There are a lot of people who would like nothing better than to stop you from learning Java. Why? Because that’s what they do.

People will say that Java is an old language and therefore obsolete. They will claim that it has been replaced by more “trendy” languages ​​like Ruby or Golang. However, the facts don’t lie. The facts are as follows:

  • Java is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world.
  • Java powers the vast majority of Android applications.
  • Java is scalable, easy to manage, and simple to use.

These reasons alone are more than enough to show you that Java is not “going out of fashion” as many people claim. Over the past few years, it has maintained its popularity, as Google search trends show.

Ignore negative people and focus on learning the basics of Java and writing your own programs.

What resources are available to learn the Java language?

The amount of resources available to people who want to learn programming has grown dramatically over the past decade or so, along with the growing demand for experienced programmers. There is a huge choice of courses and learning paths available to people who want to start learning Java today.

Some are free, others pay. Many of them are self-taught, allowing you to work at your own pace, while others are structured and will keep you motivated and keep learning. As you will see, the best way to learn Java depends on your reasons, what type of course you want to take, and how much time you have to commit to.

Some of the best ways to learn Java include:

Best Online Course to Learn Java Online

Many people would argue that online courses have overtaken most other learning methods to quickly become the best way to learn Java. While we won’t go that far, we’ll say that online courses.

Instead of having to go to college and learn on a set schedule, online courses let you learn at your own pace, at your own pace. Learning Java using an online course has the following benefits:

    • You can learn whenever you want. Many people who want to learn programming have to continue working in their current careers. It doesn’t leave a lot of time to learn. However, online courses, like Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers , allow you to learn when you want, where you want. Imagine – if you spend an hour before bed each night to learn programming, you will be up to speed with Java in a matter of months!
  • You can review things as many times as needed. Learning Core Java through an online course will give you the freedom and flexibility to repeat parts of the course if you need to. Instead of attending lectures and sticking to a strict schedule, you can rehearse the difficult parts of an online coding course as many times as you want.
  • Programming is done with computers, so you can get used to it. In fact, learning to program online is best. Programming is done on computers, for computers. What would be the point of learning to program with pen and paper?

As you can see, there are many reasons why people choose to use an online course to learn Java. If you want to go ahead and start learning, check out Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers.

This beginner-level course will familiarize you with the basics of programming in Java. It will teach you basic syntax and how to write it, what you can do with Java and how you can do it. It will focus on the basics of building computer and web applications, while looking to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a master Java programmer.


Mobile apps are another great way to learn programming, especially if you’re learning for fun. Most programming applications teach languages ​​such as Java and Python, and many are designed to teach young children how to program.

Don’t let that stop you – learning through play has been proven to work. You will be more likely to have fun while learning, stay motivated, and become an experienced Java programmer if you use mobile apps and games as part of the learning process.


If you want to learn Java but don’t have the time and money, you can start by watching videos on YouTube and other video sharing websites. Find videos that cover Java basics and use them in conjunction with other free resources.

Note that this learning method is generally best used alongside another method. While videos and java tutorials can provide a lot of very useful information, most people can’t stay motivated long enough if they don’t have a clear learning path.

Books & other types of resources

While we’ve argued that learning a computer discipline, like programming, is best done on a computer, offline resources can also be helpful. Reference java books and dictionaries make it easy to find things as you learn.

Likewise, college courses in computer science can be helpful for learners who are convinced they want to become a developer in the future. University-level courses will equip you with the knowledge of Java and other programming languages ​​you need to create websites, mobile apps, and other software. If you are seriously considering becoming a career programmer, consider a college degree in programming or computer science.


One of the world’s most popular and widely used programming languages, Java is a great starting point for beginners who want to learn how to write code and build their own applications or programs. Java is:

Extremely popular, which means there are many resources available for learners.

Fairly easy to learn, because its syntax is simple and reads like English.

A very versatile language that is used for everything from mobile app development to back-end website programming.

A great choice for beginners learning their first programming language.

If after learning what Java is and how it’s used, you think you want to start learning how to program with it, there are plenty of resources to choose from. The best way to learn Java is any method that teaches you basic syntax and terminology, teaches you how to use it, and lets you practice your code regularly. Some of the most common methods of learning Java include:

  • Online courses
  • Mobile apps that make learning code fun.
  • Courses, books and other offline resources.
  • Videos and other free online resources.

As we’ve said many times in this article, the best way to start programming is to get out there and start learning. Pick a course, learn the basics of Java, and start writing your own programs. Good luck and most of all, have fun!

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