Blender For Beginners – Learn 3D Modeling And Animation



  • No special requirments, just to install Blender which is Open Source and Free.

Do you want to create awesome 3D models and characters as seen on movies?

Then this is a good for course for you if you are new to blender welcome and if you have any knowledge about it then awesome

it would be an extra advantage for you. Else it is ok this is a course for beginners and bonus you can learn about how to create a basic cartoon character a minion in the despicable me movie

What’s in this course?

In this course you can learn blender from scratch(The very beginning) we’ll start from a single object an model some basic things after that we’ll create our cartoon character.

After that, we’ll UV Unwrap it. Of course, these words are not very familiar with you lets learn all of these in the next videos. After that, we’ll texture paint it, rig it and at last make a small walk animation and a hand waving animation.

Is this course for you?

If you love to learn 3D modeling and animating but don’t have any knowledge.This is for you you can learn everything in blender from start to the end. we’ll start from scratch.

What’ll you get in the end?

You can learn How to create any simple model or cartoon character in blender and make a small animation at last. And you’ll get a nice 3D Character and an animation made by you.I’ll give my model too and you can use that for any project.

Who this course is for:
  • People Who Want To Learn How To Use Blender
  • Designers And Animators
  • People Who Want To Learn 3D Animation And Modeling
  • People Who Want To Learn How To Build 3D Characters
  • People Who Wan’t to Create Models For 3D Printing
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