Blockchain for Beginners


  • No Programming experience needed, You will learn everything you need to know to decide for yourself, if this is a technology you are interested into.
  • No Prior knowledge or experience in Blockchain is required.
  • The only requisite is your passion to learn and persistence to complete the course learn all about this emerging technology


A complete guide for total beginners with no prior knowledge but a keen interest to learn about this evolving technology of Blockchain. Learners will be able to have a complete understanding of blockchain beyond cryptocurrency. Anyone can start their understanding of the fundamentals of blockchain, the blocks, nodes, public and private blockchain, and its application.


The Internet is an information machine while the blockchain is a truth machine

*) The Internet is a machine of information that allows people to transmit information to each other with lower cost and higher efficiency.

*) The blockchain’s data structure, along with a combination of cryptography, timestamps and other technologies, ensures that once a piece of data is linked, it is not tampered with or revoked, but is traceable.

*) So blockchain is a truth machine compared to the Internet.

*) This is a very big difference between the Internet and blockchain.

*) In the Internet era, no matter what kind of database, the data can be revoked and changed, which means there’s no Internet-based database is immutable.

Trust mechanism is the core difference

*) The trust mechanism between the Internet and the blockchain is completely different.

*) There is no good or bad. The difference between centralized trust mechanism and the decentralized trust mechanism is not being good or bad, high or low.

*) But when the proportion of the digital economy and digital life becomes higher and higher, we may no longer rely on the centralized trust mechanism to make a trusted endorsement in some environments and scenarios.

*) Instead, using a decentralized trust mechanism is more efficient and lower-cost.

*) This is the core difference between the Internet and blockchain.

*) Decentralized trust mechanism relies on algorithms to build trust and make trust endorsement.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner interested to know about Blockchain and explore the domain to decide their interest
  • College students interested to expand their knowledge base
  • Fresh graduates intend to build career in blockchain
  • Non technical individuals fascinated to know know about blockchain from scratch without any technical requirement
  • Individuals looking to upgrade their knowledge to switch career in blockchain
  • working women turned home-makers, preparing for comeback with knowledge of latest technology
  • professionals looking to understand the buzz in this domain and looking for concise structured content
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