Business Networking Part 6: Persuasion Strategies



  • Having your own business
  • Need to convince people to back your plan

Network with confidence and purpose.

In this fast-paced course, Chaffee-Thanh Nguyen and Scott Paton explore how to succeed in Networking events. In the short period you have with other Networkers, how do you achieve your networking goals? How do you persuade your ideal clients/customers to take a good hard look at your products or services?

You’ll discover:

Powerful Persuasion Strategies

  • The Principle of Association
  • The Power of Anchors
  • Scarcity Secrets
  • The Law of reciprocity
  • And more

Verbal Persuasion Tactics

  • Rhetorical Questions
  • Answer A Question With A Question
  • Statements
  • Alternate Assumptions
  • Embedded Commands
  • And much more…

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Who this course is for:
  • Udemy Instructors
  • Networkers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Coaches
  • Speakers
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