C# 10 with .NET 6 for Beginners (Part 2) – To-do Application


  • Part 1 of This Course or Basic C# Theory.


This course is the second part of my free beginner series: C# 10 with .NET 6 for Beginners. The first part teaches you critical C# theory, and this part is all about coding. Join me in Visual Studio and the exciting world of coding to build a browser-centric to-do application using C#, HTML, Razor, and WebAssembly.

No prior coding is needed, but I suggest watching the first part in the series, where I teach the critical C# theory required to understand the concepts we use to build the to-do application in this course.

The application has two iterations, where the first has all the C# code in the Razor page, and the second uses separation of concerns and encapsulation to break out the to-do-centric C# code into a separate class, which is used from the Razor page.

Most courses teach C# through short example snippets with no real-world anchoring. Training thousands of students in classrooms and online and studying what works best shows that building real-world applications makes the students retain the knowledge more and makes learning more fun.

You learn how to:

  • Build a user interface with HTML, Razor, and Bootstrap
  • Add C# code to make it dynamic.
  • Refactor the application with object-oriented programming, separation of concerns, and encapsulation
  • Use extension methods to make the code less bloated
  • Connect Razor events in the HTML with C# in a code block
  • Add exception handling and debug your code
  • Create a GitHub repository and send your code to it

Course Image by catalyststuff on Freepik

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in C#.
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