Character Rigging Quality Assurance for Games and Animation


  • No rigging experience needed this is comprehensive quality checking of rigging not rigging itself.
  • Basic knowledge of Maya or Blender
  • Word or Notepad for documentation
  • Photoshop or even just Paint will work for your screenshots (They can also be dropped in your Word or Notepad doc)



Our team at Baka Bros Entertainment has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to game art. The instructor, Daniel Peterson, has a Master’s degree in Game Art, has been a part of many four published games, and is now a Lead Artist.

If you are wanting to make your rigs look and feel awesome then check out this course! Whether you purchased it for your own rigs or you bought a character with a rig and want to make sure it works properly this is the course for you!

This tutorial does not require rigging knowledge, however, it does require that you follow along with your own rig.

This course is less than two hours and gets right to the point of how rigs should work and what all is needed for a good biped.

Daniel is “Stoked!” to see you all grow in the game dev industry. Let’s all make awesome games with gusto!

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Also, make sure to check out our Discord channel where you can ask any questions directly.

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Let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Riggers
  • Non-Rigger Project Manager
  • Game or Animation Producers
  • Art Leads and Creative Directors
  • Anyone who paid for a rig and wants to make sure it works properly
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