CISA Certified Information IT Governance Practice Test


Sample Questions

Q) An IT Steering Committee should review the information systems mainly to assess:

a) If IT processes supporting business requirements.

b) if the functionality of the proposed system is adequate.

c) the stability of the existing software.

d) the complexity of the technology installed.

Q) The most likely effect of the lack of IT strategic planning, senior management commitment is as follows:

a) The lack of investment in technology.

b) The lack of a methodology for the development of systems.

c) the technology does not align with organizational goals.

d) the absence of control over technology contracts.

Q) Which of the following is a function of a Steering Committee?

a) control Monitoring of vendor-controlled and test changes

b) Ensuring a separation of functions within the environment of the information processing

c) Approval and monitoring major projects, the state of IS plans and budgets

d) Mediate between the IS department and end users

Q) An is the Steering Committee should:

a) include a mix of members from different departments and levels of staff.

b) verify that the security policies and procedures were followed correctly.

c) have formal terms of reference and maintain minutes of meetings.

d) be informed about new trends and products at every meeting by a supplier.

Q) The involvement of senior management is more important for the development of:

a) strategic plans.

b) IS policies

c) IS procedures.

d) standards and guidelines.

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