Coaching Project Teams and Excelling as a Project Manager


  • I recommend about 12 months working as part of a team at work or community
  • I recommend that you have about 4 hours available over 7 days – because there are three walk-through personal exercises that could take you 30 minutes each, and then maybe a practice ‘coach’ with someone.
  • You will get maximum benefit by working through the exercises and a couple of follow-up real ‘practice’ sessions with someone.


You will apply what you learn every day from the first lecture onwards.

In over two decades in the Project Management profession, I have also been an HR Recruitment specialist, and at IBM, an HR Business Partner, Management Development Specialist, Executive Coach, Top Talent Leader, Business Manager and Service Delivery Manager.

As an executive coach, I was trained in the IBM Global Executive and Organisational Capability team.

Through a deep dive walk through participative ‘lectures’, you will:

  • Be a better leader
  • Increase delivery of your projects
  • Grow the potential of your team members
  • Lift the performance of your team
  • Develop a holistic personal life improvement plan
  • Develop a personal Professional Project Management Enhancement Plan
  • Develop a Performance Improvement Plan for a team member or team.

An effective leader believes in the future potential of the team members, and that entails believing that every individual starts with an ‘A’ because they are creative, resourceful and whole.

Influential leaders believe they themselves are creative, resourceful, and whole, seeking every day to become more effective leaders through high standards, ongoing development and empathy with their team.

The project manager is not above the team. Still, he is a team member with a different role and responsibility which includes helping them achieve maximum performance and that they all deliver the project objectives.

This effective project manager masters the art of self-management and coaching as a management style with both low-performers and high-potential performers.

Who this course is for:

  • Leaders of every kind
  • Ambitious employees
  • Engaging managers
  • ‘Stuck’ employees needing a way up or on

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