Command Line Git


  • Computer & Internet Connection
  • Laptop / Computer


This course is designed to get you proficient and comfortable with using git in under a day! You will find a focused course on where you’ll dive in immediately into using git. While this is not an exhaustive course on git, it does focus on what you are likely to use 70% – 90% of the time. You will be set up for mastery and advanced usage of git if you decide to do so.

This course requirements are minimal. All you’ll need is

  • a laptop
  • a GitHub Account (free btw),

In Section 1, we cover

  1. git overview – how git works
  2. git install instructions (very simple)
  3. GitHub account creation
  4. rsa key setup for security
  5. creating your first repository
  6. adding and committing files
  7. pushing / saving your files to github
  8. pull requests and merges
  9. git pull (local)

In Section 2, we become Pros!

  1. git add – add and modify files
  2. git commit – commenting your changes
  3. git push – saving to the server
  4. PRs and Merges – bringing it all together
  5. git pull – copying latest changes locally

In Section 03, is our bonus material that is of high value

  1. .gitignore
  2. markdown
  3. git stash and git pop
  4. git diff
  5. removing / deleting files from GitHub

And the best thing of all, this course can be completed in a day, and you can gain proficiency over a weekend! It’s that quick and easy!

Who this course is for:

  • Data Scientists
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Developers
  • Programmers
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