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This course is an introduction to Digital Electronics/computer systems.

In this course we will begin by exploring the internal design and functionality of the most basic computer components.

From there, we will use an online hardware simulator to actually “build” a computer and develop an assembler from the ground using concepts we will learn in the class.

In the process, we will cover the ideas and techniques used in the design of modern computer hardware and discuss major trade-offs involved in system design as well as future trends in computer architecture and how those trends might affect tomorrow’s computers.

Here is the curriculum for the course:

Unit 1 – Boolean Logic

Unit 2 – Binary Arithmetic

Unit 3 – Combinational Logic and the ALU

Unit 4 – Sequential Logic

Unit 5 – Computer Architecture

Unit 6 – Machine Language

Unit 7 – Assembler I

Unit 8 – Assembler II

You will also have hands-on experience through several projects provided in this course!

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Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in learning about digital electronics.
  • Anyone who wants to learn Computer architecture
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