Create a REST API With Node JS and Mongo DB


  • Basic understanding of JavasScript – you should be comfortable with variables, loops, arrays, promises etc.


A solid REST API is the foundation of virtually every modern web application, service and data-driven company or startup. From large multi-national corporation to small garage startup, the core tenets of a well-designed REST API are the same and can be learned in relatively short period of time. In this tutorial series, we construct a simple REST API using Node/Express, Mongo DB and deployed on Turbo 360. Along the way, we explore the key principles behind REST API design as well as common mistakes and scenarios that beginners often struggle with. Finally, we deploy our web service on the free Turbo 360 staging environment in conjunction with mLab for database hosting.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner JS developers who aim to become full stack developers.
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