Create the Best Discord Bot with Node.js


  • Access to a computer with internet connection.
  • Basic NodeJS knowledge


– Remastered the first few sections of the course, with a focus on the essentials for modern bot development.

Create the Best Discord Bot.

Node.js is a simple and fast language, that is also easy to learn.
Which makes it great to learn Discord bot development!

You will first learn the core concepts for bot development.
Including custom prefixescommand handlingevent handling, etc.

Most of these topics are hard to find explanations for online.
But, this course is a group of these topics, explained simply, with easy to digest lectures.

Create the Best Discord Bot Dashboard.

You will also Create a Discord Bot Dashboard, and learn web development basics.
Few Discord bots have done this correctly, and even earn money from it.

You will first learn to structure pages with HTML, and PUG.
Then we will dive into styling pages with CSS.
After that, we will bring them to life with JavaScript.

You can do almost anything with the basics of web development.
This includes: bot command pages, login systems, charts, profile cards, user leaderboards, etc.

All which you will do in this course – in the code-along sections.

Who is this course for?
– Students with basic Node.js knowledge.
– Students looking to get a great foundation of understanding for Discord Bot Development.
– Students with a desire to learn and boost their Node.js development skills.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Manage Your Bot – with the Discord Developer Portal.
  • Command Handling – add new commands by simply copying files.
  • Dependency Injection – make your scripts easy to test and refactor.
  • Dynamic Event Handling – add new events by just adding files.
  • General Features – including the ability to customize prefixes.
  • Ability to customize your server via dashboard.
  • Basic PUG / HTML for structuring webpages.
  • Basic CSS – for custom webpage styling to your needs.
  • Boostrap 4 – makes it simple and easy to structure and style webpages.
  • Browser JavaScript for animating webpages.
  • Web audit log – to log changes that a user makes to the dashboard.
  • Server stats graphs – see how your server is performing on your bot dashboard.
  • Web music player, that will allow the bot to play music from YouTubeand more.
  • Advanced dashboard modules, including custom themes, audit logsgraphs etc.
  • Economy features, that will allow the users to earn virtual money by interacting with the bot.
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
  • Profile Cards with Node.js….but that’s not all!

This course will give you a solid foundation and will help you build your own personal Discord bot to help better manage your servers.

If you don’t want to watch more unhelpful tutorials, and want to learn by doing (the most effective way) – and not by watching hours of slideshows – you have found the right course!

If you are still not satisfied, there is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
This means there is no risk in buying this course…

Enroll today, to learn how to Create the Best Discord Bot with Node.js!

See you in the course!

– Adam

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to master the Discord Bot API, and become a more experienced NodeJS developer.

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