Create your own Hulk Vol.1: Body Modeling


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  • To take this course you need to have a basic knowledge of the software’s interface in order to properly understand the information given along the course.
  • In case you don’t have the basic knowledge of the software i recommend to take the free beginners Zbrush course.
  • In this course we’ll work with the Zbrush software so it’s very important to have it installed on your computer, in pixologic website you’ll find a 45 day free trial version (it is up to you to buy it).
  • To finish you’ll need a PC with the minimum requirements of the software to make it run (Usually no PC has any problems running the software, at least not for basic processes)


I was once told “Watching only is boring”, that’s why i became a digital artist. If you think the same and want to learn how to create characters of all kinds for TV, films or videogames, then this course is for you. This courses are designed so you can learn step by step how to give shape to your own characters. All you need is for you to take the last step and begin with you training. If you’ve already decided to take the course i’ll be more than happy to guide you through in your way on becoming a professional.

Who this course is for:

  • If you are a beginner in these topics and don’t know all the concepts this course will be of great help as they will be explained in a simple and clear manner.
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