Creating 3D Monster Tentacles in Maya


EVERYBODY wants to create monsters and creatures and horror characters for movies and games!

Monsters are cool.

Monsters allow you to use your imagination and push your 3D talents to the max.

One of the most common parts of monsters you will see in movies and games are TENTACLES.

Artists like creating tentacles because they look slimy and creepy and disgusting and terrifying, but also look cool.

This course shows you the many different ways to create MONSTER TENTACLES in Maya.

  • I will take you on a step-by-step guide in creating tentacles using different methods.
  • Each method gives the same result – a cool looking tentacle.
  • But Maya is so flexible and has so many tools that there are many different methods you can use to create tentacles.
  • And that’s what makes Maya so great!

So strap in tight and get your horror vibe on as I take you through the journey of creating…


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