Cryptocurrency Trading Course For Beginners in Hindi / Urdu


  • Everyone is welcome
  • You will need a computer/ smart device and an internet connection
  • Pen and Paper for writing the Important Points


This course will help you to become a professional trader in cryptocurrency. Would you like to learn the easy, better, & effective way of trading which can help you to print hundreds of dollars in profits. I do teach you how you can read Charts, trends, and levels where buyers and sellers are waiting to take positions.

This course is definitive guide to a Cryptocurrency trader who wants to trade in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, or any other cyrptocurrency. This guide will help you to learn how you can buy bitcoins via P2P trading and, also how you can sell your bitcoins with in less than a minute and, you’ll be paid by in your local currency. Then, we’ll see how to read Charts, we’ll start from the scratch and move to step by step to the next levels. We’ll understand about Trends of the market and, also understand how to know the trend direction with the help of Trendlines and also, another method knowns as Higher Highs and Higher Lows for (Uptrend) and, from Lower Highs and Lower Lows used for (Downtrend).

Then, i will discuss about Indicators, how to use them. I will show you which Indicators i use in the market to trade effectively and profitably for the long period of time. I will disclose how, you can minimize your risk and maximize the profits with the power of risk to reward ratio. Also, we’ll discuss about the Money Management Rules which i follow when, i trade in the market.

This is the most Practical Course out there in Hindi / Urdu which teaches you how to Buy, Transfer, Secure and trade effectively with Real Money along with the best tool (Money Management) and (Support & Resistance) if you follow these strategies there are very high possibilites you’ll get good returns from the market. If you follow these principles with discipline

Let’s learn all of these techniques!

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn cryptcurrency trading
  • Anyone who wants to start making profits in cryptocurrency
  • Anyone who is interested to learn technical anaylsis
  • Anyone who is interested to reading charts
  • Anyone who is willing to trade at good levels

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