R Programming For Absolute Beginners

Learn the basics of writing code in R - your first step to become a data…

Data Science Cheat Sheet + Books & Guides

The course is a collection of materials for Data Sciences: cheat sheets, guides, lecture videos and…

NumPy For Data Science & Machine Learning

From Beginner To Advanced!!!

Business Analytics Course 2020

Learn the Core of Data Science, Analytical Skill and Business Knowledge to make confident decisions

Machine Learning MASTER, Zero To Mastery

To being Machine Learning Mystery

Deep Learning (from basics)

Deep Learning with Python/ Keras

Learning Analytics Through R

Complete Analytics Guide: Basic to Pro

Django with Data Science

Learn how to integrate Django with Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn

Marketing Analytics With R 2020

Learn concept of Marketing Analytics, handle Huge data, develop goal-oriented strategies

Data Science : Admission Prediction using Machine Learning

Hands-on Guided Project on Graduate Admission Prediction Using Machine Learning!!!!

Data Science : Admission Analysis using Machine Learning

A practical Data Science Hands-on Guided Project on Prediction Using Machine Learning!!

The Data Science Course 2020 Q2 Updated: Part 4 > Python & R

Learn the two most widely used programming languages with Data Science: Python and R.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Training Program

Learn from the practitioners of AI: Build your Foundation & Learn Real-time Applications of AI &…

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