Develop a reactive Java microservice with ReactiveJ


  • Software developers who wants to learn more about reactive programming
  • Software developers who wants to learn how to develop a reactive microservices
  • Software developers who wants to implement reactive microservices with ReactiveJ and RxJava


In this couse we’re going to introduce the main concepts of reactive programming and we’re going to develop a reactive microservice with Java, ReactiveJ and RxJava2.

The arguments of the course are:

– reactive programming

– JSR 340 and servlets 3.1 specification

– advantages of reactive programming

– non-blocking embedded Jetty

– ReactiveJ non-blocking and asynchronous library

– develop of a synchronous and blocking app with ReactiveJ

– develop of a asynchronous and non blocking app with ReactiveJ and RxJava2Who this course is for:

  • Java software developers
  • Microservice software developers
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