DIY Facebook Ads Marketing Course

My name is Francisco and I run an internet marketing agency. The reason I made this course was to help small businesses who cannot afford to hire my marketing agency. In this course I describe what types of campaigns to choose from, how to set up these campaigns, create ad sets, find your target audience on Facebook, and finally how to create ads. This course is specifically about “Sponsored Ads”. You’ll be leveraging Facebook to drive sales via phone calls, leads (emails with name, phone number, email), or to get people to walk into your door.

This course is for SERVICE based businesses and companies with a STORE FRONT.

You’ll notice that I didn’t create dozens of videos with a bunch of fluff. If you follow my steps, you’ll be able to get your ads in front of the right people. I also go into a little more advanced stuff like re-marketing. For instance, for those of you who clicked on any of my Facebook Ads (Sponsored posts), be prepared to see more of my ads on Facebook. I’m adding more videos to this course soon. You’ll always have access to these any new videos.

If you can get just a few campaigns profitable, you can have multiple streams of revenue coming into your business. For many people, this can be a game changer. Also, if you do this correct, you can duplicate your campaigns across other cities, states, or even countries like I do. Image this. What if one of your campaigns were so successful it paid for your mortgage every month? Or maybe it pays for a nice vacation once or twice per year.

Everything we have done in the past has led us to exactly where we are today.

You might be only one marketing campaign away from success!!


  • Service based businesses with statewide or nationwide customers (Insurance agents, Lawyers, Lenders, etc)
  • Local Based Businesses (Attorneys, Accountants, CPAs, Catering Companies, Gyms, Health & Wellness, etc) who only service the local area
  • Brick & Mortar Stores (Bars, Restaurants (both sit-down & fast food) Cafes, Breweries, etc.)
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