Docker with laravel/PHP and MySQL- the most detailed course


  • Basic knowledge of php and MySQL.


In these free videos you will see how you can start docker with laravel which is powerful PHP framework, nginx

which is very useful tool to manage connections between frontend and backend, mysql which is very popular

database and phpmyadmin which is very popular tool to manage database from very nice looking GUI. You will of course

find out what is docker and why it is useful. So far I can say that docker is very popular tool that helping

companies to doesn’t care problems with versions of programs installed on programmers computers like PHP, mysql etc.

A lot of companies are using docker so knowledge that you will find in this course will help you very much in

your work.

I am very similar to you. I was learning programming from video courses like here in this website, youtube etc. I was frustrated because none of the

course presented code in simple language and with details, even courses titled every line of code explained from 5 stars

instructors. My goal was to not leave you with the questions like where this or this is comming from or why he didn’t tell

anything about that or that. I am using simple words and examples if I want to ilustrate something, so everyone could

understand things that seems to be very complicated when you reading about them or watching in other courses.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who want to find out how to using docker.
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