Electronics for Beginners: Analog Hardware Design



  • A computer in order to simulate the circuits that we are going to build together.
  • A basic understanding of mathematics.
  • This course covers two years of knowledge that you could acquire if you were attending a BSc so you will need to have a bit of patient..
  • A good understanding of English even though the author tries to explain everything as simple as possible.

Have you ever wondered why understanding electronic circuits are so difficult? Is it because they are really that difficult? Or is it because teachers’ explanations are difficult to understand and they use outdated teaching methods? Whatever is the case, Hardware Academy is here to provide high-quality courses that will cover 2 years of educational courses that you could get by attending a BSc in Electrical Engineering. We will start from the fundamentals and as we progress, we will try to understand more and more complicated circuits (which you will find out later that there are not even that complicated !).

Each chapter will have multiple exercises (questions with multiple answers) that you will have to complete (like a test) so that we know if you have paid attention or not and if you succeed,  you can proceed further with the courses.

The simulator that we will use is available for free for everyone and based on multiple reviews, the simulator that we are going to use is the best tool if you want to understand how circuits work! (and it’s so much fun to use it ! )

We can guarantee that you will understand each course since we tried hard to explain in the most coherent way (also in the simplest way but at the same time reaching more complex topics)  using one of the best software to simulate the circuits which will be an eye-opener for you.

Who this course is for:
  • People who think that electronics is difficult to understand.
  • Students who want to learn quickly electronics and who don’t have time to build all the circuits from scratch.
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