• You who have never had contact with the software, will begin to use basic functions already in the first classes.


Do you know how to turn data into relevant information?

MS Excel is an electronic spreadsheet software widely used by companies of all branches and activities worldwide for stock control, database creation, simple and complex data analysis, among thousands of other functions.

MS Excel is an extremely versatile software that is surely present in your professional and personal life, helping from the creation of financial management and routine organization to the creation of data analysis panels. By using MS Excel, you will become more productive and able to make decisions with more precision and confidence, qualities increasingly valued by the job market.

If you want to start studing such a powerful tool, the Excel for Beginners course is for you! With practical lessons, you will begin to use basic functions already in the first classes.

During this course, you will see:

  • A brief introduction to MS Excel and its first steps;
  • How to format cells;
  • How to insert images and print your spreadsheets;
  • Introduction to basic MS Excel formulas and functions;
  • Drills.

Who this course is for:

  • The MS Excel Introduction training is intended for those people who are unfamiliar with the tool but are eager to begin to study this software so widely used in business to promote agility and productivity.
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