Excel for Data Analysis. Learn the Art of Excel Analytics.


  • Students must be passionate about data


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This is a great course for those who want to start data science –Sangwe Bertrand Ngwa

Basics are well explained laying the foundation for excel analytics . Looking forward to it–Himanshu Negi

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1. Learn basic and advanced functionalities of Excel.

2. Learn how to do data manipulation and analysis to solve real world business problems using case studies.

3. Start using pivot tables and Vlookup like a pro.

4. Start using built-in formulae in excel for the data analysis.

5. Learn how to find interesting trends in the real world datasets.

Real World Case Studies include :

Acquisition Analytics on the Telemarketing datasets : Find out which customers are most likely to buy future bank products using tele channel.

Investment Case Studies: To identify the top3 countries and investment type to help the Asset Management Company to understand the global trends

Data Analysis on Ireland Loan Datasets : Find out which customers are good or bad and who are likely to repay the loan.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who are looking to enhance their data science skills
  • Those who want to switch the career in data science
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