Facebook Training for Business


Facebook training for employees. Includes over 43 Facebook tutorials and training videos to bring you up to speed on effective, responsible use at work.

Learn how to use Facebook’s advanced features for business and accelerate your digital literacy.  Facebook training covers the effective and responsible use of Facebook.com, the Facebook mobile app, Instagram, Foursquare and even Pinterest and Google Plus at work.

The business case for being active on Facebook

All about newsfeeds, status updates, apps and profiles

How to get a Facebook vanity URL and embed a profile badge on a website

How memorialize the profile of a deceased Facebook member

How to search Facebook status updates on public profiles

Pages, terms of service, timelines, covers and promotions

How Greenpeace hijacked Nestle’s Facebook Page

What Ducati Motorcycles did wrong when they integrated Facebook into their website

How Amazon leveraged Facebook’s social web to power personal recommendations

What happened when BP’s Facebook Page was buried under an avalanche of comments

How to use Google Plus, the latest social network, and the business case for being there

How to use Pinterest for Business, and when it makes the most sense to leverage this social network

How to use the Facebook mobile app and how to upload photos from Instagram and Check-Ins from Foursquare

And much. much more

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