Fast track to ML, Data Science and Steganography



  • For Machine Learning metrices basics of ML should be cleared
  • For Steganography, basic Cryptography and Image Processing should be known


Aanchal Singhal

This is a brand new Machine Learning, Data Science, and Steganography based course updated with the latest trends and skills!

This is the first course in Udemy which will provide you detailed information about Steganography.

The topics covered in this course are:

– General / Statistical Measures

– Data Science Measures

– Machine Learning Measures / Performance metrics

– Steganography Measures / Metrics

Like every presentation need the final touch, this course will cover your gaps in Data Science, Machine Learning, and also in the newly trending topic Steganography. By the end of this course, you can be a Machine Learning, Data Scientist, Steganography expert, and can be get hired at large companies. This course will straight forward deliver rich information to users. Whether you are new to programming, or want to level up your Data Science skills, or are coming from a different industry, this course is for you. Machine Learning has applications in Business Marketing and Finance, Healthcare, Cybersecurity, Retail, Transportation and Logistics, Agriculture, Internet of Things, Gaming and Entertainment, Patient Diagnosis, Fraud Detection, Anomaly Detection in Manufacturing, Government, Academia/Research, Recommendation Systems and so much more. The skills learned in this course are going to give you a lot of options for your career.

See you inside the course!

Who this course is for:
  • Data Science Enthusiast
  • Machine Learning Enthusiast
  • Image Processing Enthusiast
  • Cryptography Enthusiast
  • Statistics enthusiast


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