Financial Analysis & Financial Ratios I Amazon vs Walmart



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What Makes this Course Different?

1) Learn through examples

We will utilize Amazon & Walmart’s Financial Information to ‘Learn through examples’

2) Scorecard

We will maintain a ‘Scorecard’ of Amazon and Walmart’s performance throughout our Analysis

3) Gain Insights

We will ‘Gain Insights’ into the Financial Performance of Amazon versus Walmart

In this course, we will cover the following topics:

A) Financial & Trending Analysis:

  •      5-year P&L Comparison
  •      Year-over-Year P&L Analysis

B) How to calculate Financial Ratios:

  •      Profitability Ratios
  •      Capital Structure Ratios
  •      Liquidity Ratios
  •      Valuation Ratios
  •      Efficiency Ratios

C) Go through key highlights & tables from Amazon and Walmart’s Form-10K filing

Who this course is for:
  • Students – Business, Accounting, Finance & Commerce students
  • Professionals – Financial Analysts, Accountants & Managers
  • Investors & Individuals – Those who want to gain insight into Amazon’s and Walmart’s Financial Performance
  • Life-long learners – Those who are interested in ‘picking up a new skill’
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