Forex Trading Essentials


  • No trading Experience needed, and you will learn everything from zero.
  • The course has been developed for the beginners.


In many countries in the world some people are interested in finance, trading and investment ,and economy is the first important issue. So, many of them are active in stock market, Forex market and crypto currencies to be able to manage the cost of their living and help each other to earn more money.

This course is the best choice for those who are interested in Foreign Exchange Market as well as trading. I started teaching from very basic points and tips to make a beginner understand what the market is, and  who the participants are. Then I had a lecture about the major currencies in the market.

Many people do not know about the definition of the basic things in trading, so I tried to clarify the meaning of the relevant words. For instance, the words like Lot, Leverage, Broker Long, Short, Bullish market, bearish and etc. have been defined thoroughly.

The other description about the course would be the importance of support, resistance, trend line, classic patterns, and break out in trading.

I thought about the useful websites and platforms need for a trader in forex market. so, the last videos were made about the website and useful platforms for trading in Forex Market.

I hope you start trading professionally and could take profit in the market.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Forex Traders
  • Traders who’d like to review the foundations of trading.
  • Stock Market Traders who are beginners.
  • Amateur Investors who’d like to invest in stock market.
  • Business enthusiast
  • Finance enthusiast.
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