Free Blockchain Foundation Course From Kerala Digital University

Course Information : 

The course is designed to provide candidates of any background with a well-rounded understanding of Blockchain basics and its key components. The free program provides a foundational understanding of how blockchain works and how companies use its potential to solve real business problems.

The foundation program tour across the inner workings and mechanics of the blockchain by explaining concepts like decentralization, peer-to-peer networking, smart contract automation, and many more.

The course acts as a one-stop dictionary of blockchain explaining important blockchain principles in succinct terms while also providing a comprehensive list of additional resources that you can reference afterwards.

Course Includes

This course is a comprehensive dictionary of blockchain fundamentals and key concepts.

  • Weekly Instructor- Interaction
  • One-Month Content Access
  • Quizzes for Evaluation
  • External Reading Links
  • Videos of Blockchain Experts
  • Certificate on Public Blockchain

What you will Learn :

  • What a blockchain is?
  • Why blockchain is considered so innovative?
  • Introduction to distributed ledgers, cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • Principal features of blockchain technology.
  • Introduction to different consensus algorithms.
  • Ethereum and Smart Contracts.
  • Hyperledger Projects, Tools and Hyperledger Fabric.
  • Different types of blockchain implementations.
  • EApplications of blockchain technology aside from cryptocurrencies.


This includes students, graduates, marketers, designers, business analysts or investors. The content also befits individuals who are already familiar with blockchain and who would like to learn more about the industry and explore where it’s heading.

Course Duration :

4 Weeks

Last Date of Registration: 31st July 2021

Prerequisite : Nil

Course Fee : Nil

Method : Self Paced + Weekly Instructor Interaction

Certification :

  • The candidates have to complete all the assessment quizzes and should score a minimum of 60% marks for each quiz to get certified.
  • KBA will issue the certificate that is co-stamped by the Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology ( DUK ) and Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council ( K-DISC).

  • You will receive the certificate within one week at your registered email address, after the end date of your cohort.

  • They will issue your certificate in Blockchain. The authenticity of your certificate can be verified using 
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