Laravel 6 CRUD: Creating a Simple User Management App


Very simple and basic introduction to Laravel by creating a simple user management application. The application will allow you to create a user to the database, view them on webpage, update the user if necessary and delete them.

Make sure you have a local development server (Xampp, Wamp, Linux etc.) installed on your PC. Then you have to install composer in your PC in order to install Laravel. I have made this course based on Laravel 6. So, you will know how to install Composer and Laravel. Then I will briefly discuss about Routes, MVC (Model, View, Controller), Migration in this series. Then I will show you how to make CRUD Application using Laravel 6. This course mainly focuses on creating a CRUD (create, read, update, delete operations of a database table) using crud generator in Laravel 6 framework of php which is very useful in the web development field.

Laravel / PHP is on demand since millions of websites use it. Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks and every developer that wants to succeed in this market should learn it well. You should have basic understanding of PHP (OOP), HTML, MYSQL basics for enrolling in this course.

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